About Gear Upgrades

In late 2018, I set aside my excuses and decided to commit to a personal goal. After years of focusing solely on figuring out my career, I committed myself to starting metal detecting. This hobby had been an interest of mine for well over a decade but financial issues, college, and the lack of interested friends had always stopped me.
Motivated by my passion for history, I started reading online resources and watching every YouTube video on metal detecting that I could. It was during this time that the idea for Gear Upgrades started to take shape.

My Goal: Aggregate and simplify metal detecting research and resources

Simply put, Gear Upgrades was created to be a resource for people researching metal detecting. I’ll be exploring frequently asked questions, metal detecting technologies, accessories, and local laws to help break down some of the largest barriers of entry.
If you have a passion for metal detecting and history, it can be easy to get turned away when you start your research. With outright bans in some states and slight learning curve, it can be challenging to start detecting without someone to help. Don’t let that stop you! There are answers online, and I hope to connect you with those through my content.

Contact Information

To contact the admins of this website please email admin@gearupgrades.com

If you are a public official and would like to correct information on one of the state guides, please send the message from your official government email to verify your identity. The information on those articles is gathered through online resources or direct contact with the respective governing body and corrections on these guidelines are always appreciated!